Why Are Winter Leaks The Worst?

trailer-snowWintertime in Michigan, or anywhere the snow flies for that matter, is one of the worst conditions for your trailer to sit in.  The combination of heat and cold, plus the snow and ice can create a perfect condition for a long-term leak that can cost you big.

Things contract in the cold, and with last winter setting all sorts of temperature records, they contracted even more. Between the warmer temps in the day, and the colder temps at night, the caulking on your trailer can be stretched past what it can handle.  Especially if the caulking is old, or hardened, and doesn’t have a lot of give left to begin with.  So before winter hits, make sure you check all of your seals, and don’t put off fixing it until the spring, that might be too late.  Newer caulk has more elasticity, and has a better chance to not break loose.

Now, the other thing to consider is snow.  Lots and lots of snow.

In the summertime, rain can pound your trailer’s roof for days, but mostly it runs off.  Granted, it can leak, but for the most part the water isn’t on the roof long enough to cause lasting damage unless there is a hole or other place for easy entry.  Snow, on the other hand, can sit on a roof for days, weeks, even months at a time.  And you may not notice it, but the Sun is shining, and the bottom layers of that snow is almost always melting off during the day.  This means that every seal on your trailer’s roof can be subject to a slow, constant, and potentially devastating water leak over the course of months before you notice.

Combine bad caulk breaking loose, and snow providing a steady stream of water, Winter is a scary time.

The best two strategies to avoid this problem are to…CHECK YOUR CAULK, and invest in a camper cover.  If you do these two things, you have a great chance of avoiding major leaks, and repair bills.  remember, insurance companies don’t cover repairs due to leaks from caulking.