What I Want Under the Tree: Tipsy Stix

tipsy-sticks-2We asked some of folks at Westland what they’d like under the tree this season. Owner Irene Rochette is not only a proud grandmother, but an avid camper besides. Here’s what she had to say:

“I got one of these for my birthday in June, and I loved how stable they help my drinks. I’ve tried a variety of of drinks, bottles, cups, juice boxes, and they all stayed right where I wanted them.  And because I could move them more easily than the table on the side of my camp chair, I could share it with whoever was sitting next to me.

The fact that it has a bowl holder is great, because Dave loves his peanuts, and he has a good place to keep them, away from the ants.

Why would I want another one? Everybody wants to borrow the one I have!”

– Irene

$19.40. You can purchase Tipsy Stix from our online store here.