What I Want Under the Tree: Pie Iron Storage Bag

pie-iron-storage-bagWe asked some of folks at Westland what they’d like under the tree this season. Son of the owners Kevin Rochette is not only a proud daddy, but an avid campground chef besides. Here’s what he had to say:

“We all love to use our Pie Irons to make pizza pockets, pies, and paninis.  The main problem I have, is that after they sit in the hot coals, and done cooking, I have no good way to keep them with the rest of my gear, because they are always sooty, dirty, and greasy.

These Pie Iron Storage bags are a great place to keep those dirty, messy pie irons without getting stuff all over my stuff.  And since I have a big family, I need a lot of pie irons of a variety of sizes. This bag holds up to four at a time.

If you love making pudgie pies – but don’t like the mess – then you absolutely have to have one of these.”


$24.84 each. You can purchase Pie Iron Storage bags from our online store here.