Westland Camping RV Service Tips: Dumping (Part 2)

RV Toilet

RV Toilet

RV DUMPING; NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK: Part 2 (Standing to the side)


Last time I discussed the things you need to do every time you use the sewer system, let’s review:  The proper chemicals with a few gallons of water, and the proper tissue.  Everybody caught up now?  Good, let’s move on to the actual job at hand…

You may be at a site that has a full sewer hookup, or you may use some sort of Tote Tank, or just stop at the dump station on your way out, but the basic procedures are about the same, although the specifics vary from trailer to trailer.  Hook up your sewer hose, pull the valves and wait for it to drain, then close the valves, rinse.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good quality sewer hose kit.  They may be a little more money, but not leaking on your shoes is totally worth it.  Try to get a set that has a sewer fitting attachment, so that you get a good seal at both ends.  Also get yourself some disposable dump gloves.  I know some people have heavy rubber gloves they store and use over and over again, but I prefer to use fresh ones every time (and always stand to the side when taking off the cap to the dump valve, there is almost always a teeny amount of liquid in there).

After dumping both the black and grey water tanks, many places have a hose you can use to rinse your sewer hose, or if you have a sewer tank back flushing system, now would be a good time to use it.  The more water you have circulating in that tank, the more effective the dumping is, and the less likely you will have issues later on.

Only one more installment to go: Home maintenance and Storage!  I have goose-bumps.  Seriously.