Westland Camping Kayak Review: Ocean Kayak Prowler 13T

Prowler 13T from Westland Camping

Prowler 13T from Westland Camping

The Prowler 13T sit on top kayak has hit the perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, performance and stability. This kayak performs well in almost any water application but you’ll notice the superb performance in breaking surf and rough seas.


The great Part of sit on top kayaks is the stability you get naturally due to it’s design.  It works great on any of your Michigan waters, and is so versatile, that you can fish, surf, paddle, explore, and camp right off the boat.

I like this boat so much, I bought one for each myself and my wife, and the cargo hold even sits my 5 yr old daughter perfectly.  I think you will be happy with this boat on any waterway in the midwest.

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