Westland Camping Center Video Tour


Ask any person who has ever shopped for an RV at an RV dealership, and they will probably tell you about being set upon by teams of hungry salespeople, ready to jump on you and shove you into the most expensive thing that your credit can get you, all while dripping hair oils on your new jacket.  Whether you are looking for a travel trailer, 5th wheel or pop up camper, Westland Camping is committed to selling you exactly what you want.

We take the time to figure out what your needs are, what you can safely tow, how many people are you going to be accommodating?  It takes time to do, but matching up the right camper for your needs shouldn’t just be price driven.  Remember, if the trailer isn’t right, the price never will be.


Westland Camping also make sure you leave here with everything you need, from cooking utensils to activities like kayaking and fishing that you can enjoy while you are out.

Come on and check us out, we would be happy to help.