Temple Fork Outfitters Meets Westland Camping

I’m going to introduce all of you to Temple Fork Outfitters, and their exclusive line of Gary Loomis rods.  TFO are bringing high performance to a market that never was able to spend $400 on a fishing pole.  Here is the Gary Loomis/Temple Fork story:

I don’t know how many people are aware of Gary Loomis, but he has a very interesting story.  Gary Loomis started G. Loomis fishing poles almost 30 years ago, and quickly attracted the attention of a lot of discerning anglers.  He was a pioneer in the evolution of the carbon fiber rod, and using state of the art technology and engineering, he basically defined the high performance rod.

After retiring and selling G. Loomis Rods, Gary focused his energies on helping to protect the fisheries of the Pacific Northwest, establishing Fish First, and the Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest.

Now, after years away from the industry, he still wanted to build the best rods available.  So he partnered up with Temple Fork Outfitters to share his skills and knowledge of materials and design to create a new line of high performance rods.

Working with TFO allows me to put high-quality rods in the hands of potential anglers that otherwise would not have access to this kind of gear. It is these new anglers that, through their enjoyment of the sport, will help us protect our threatened fisheries.~ Gary Loomis

TFO offers a lifetime warranty, great performance, and for a quarter of the price of other high performance G. Loomis rods.  And now, Westland Camping has them.  We offer conventional rods, as well as fly rods for those fly fisherman out here.  If you are serious about your gear, and want the best, come on in a talk to us, if you just have a few questions, email me at kev@westlandcamping.com.