Trail Runner Video Walkthrough

Here is a video tour of the Trail Runner Trailer, so you can learn more about the features and options in this price competitive travel trailer line. Note the storage rack on the back, not something you see in very many trailers…

This video is from the 2012 model, but the features and thought put into everything is still the same, but with different colors in the current models.

We currently have 10 different Trail runner floor plans in stock and ready to roll, and we are very excited to have them.  They look great, they are built sturdy, and will help you create a stress-free platform in which to spend quality time with your family… or away from your family if that’s your thing…

Either way, a Trail Runner is a great choice.  Come on over and see them, you wont regret it.

Video: Disconnecting Your Battery During Storage

Here is a video I made, hopefully the first of many, spotlighting a cool feature about the trailers I carry, or little facts or tidbits I find interested while I am working.  This one has to do with disconnecting your battery during storage.  Any time you leave your trailer, there is a draw on the battery from different things inside the trailer that threaten to kill your battery.  Leaving a dead battery to sit can destroy it, and that can become pricey.

As it happens, Westland Camping sells and installs battery switches, and the switches cost around $30 dollars.  However, Flagstaff Trailers and 5th wheels come equipped from the factory with switches, so that makes life easier right from the box.



Water Heater Maintenance Video Tutorial

Maintaining your water heater is very important to making it last for a long time.  Water heaters should always be drained when not in use, and and cleaning it out will help keep your plumbing clean, and prevent both mechanical and health related problems.  Check out this helpful tutorial about cleaning out your water heater.