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This is the face of a suburban water heater, available at Westland Camping

Why Doesn’t My RV Water Heater Work?

RV water heaters are fairly simple appliances.  they are basically a large metal bucket that has a burner chamber running through it, that when the water heater is… well… heating, the lp flame jets into the chamber and the water in the tank heats up. Fancier water heaters also run on 110v electric as well, […]

manual slide out crank

How Do I Manually Operate My Slide Out?

Though we don’t see very many problems with today’s slide outs, occasionally problems can occur.  Situations where you have no power, or your battery is dead for example. One of the most common questions we are asked is how to manually operate slide outs.  Here is a helpful video I found that covers this question. […]


RV Slide Out Maintenance Video

Most travel trailers and fifth wheels being produced today have some sort of slide out.  Some are small wardrobe-only slide, and some are the “Super Slides” that run a significant length of the side of the trailer.  In all of these cases, some sort of maintenance will be involved.  Here is a short little video […]

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