What I Want Under the Tree: Globe Lights

globe-lightsWe asked some of folks at Westland what they’d like under the tree this season. Krystal is not only a proud mom, but an avid camper besides. Here’s what she had to say:

“Ever since the first time I saw these at a distributor show, I have loved the look of these lights.  They are so pretty, and the color choices are cool, but I would especially love to get the rainbow set.  I have since seen them at campgrounds, and I am struck with how cool they look in the dark.  They have a classy look, unlike some of the awning lights you can get, and they are very bright in the dark.  Please tell my family I want these…”

– Krystal

$104.97 set of 6 bulbs, $147.22 set of 10 bulbs. You can purchase these Globe Lights from our online store here.

What I Want Under the Tree: Explorer 2-Burner Stove

2-burner-camp-stoveWe asked some of folks at Westland what they’d like under the tree this season. Son of the owners Steve Rochette is not only a proud daddy, but an avid campground chef besides. Here’s what he had to say:

“I almost never cook inside my camper, so I love having outside stove options.  I have tried several kinds of camp stoves, and most of them suffer from being too small to fit two large pans at the same time, and still be able to use the windscreen.  Since I cook for anywhere between 3 to 11 people, a large cooking surface is an absolute requirement for me.

That’s why I really like the Explorer 2-Burner Store. It has 2 massive burners and hooks directly to an LP tank, so there aren’t any connectors or adapters to keep track of. And it puts out a lot of heat, so frying and boiling water are easy and quick.

I kind of hope my wife is reading this, because I would love to one of these under the tree this year.”


$156.19. You can purchase the Explorer 2-Burner Stove from our online store here.

What I Want Under the Tree: Pie Iron Storage Bag

pie-iron-storage-bagWe asked some of folks at Westland what they’d like under the tree this season. Son of the owners Kevin Rochette is not only a proud daddy, but an avid campground chef besides. Here’s what he had to say:

“We all love to use our Pie Irons to make pizza pockets, pies, and paninis.  The main problem I have, is that after they sit in the hot coals, and done cooking, I have no good way to keep them with the rest of my gear, because they are always sooty, dirty, and greasy.

These Pie Iron Storage bags are a great place to keep those dirty, messy pie irons without getting stuff all over my stuff.  And since I have a big family, I need a lot of pie irons of a variety of sizes. This bag holds up to four at a time.

If you love making pudgie pies – but don’t like the mess – then you absolutely have to have one of these.”


$24.84 each. You can purchase Pie Iron Storage bags from our online store here.

What I Want Under the Tree: Tipsy Stix

tipsy-sticks-2We asked some of folks at Westland what they’d like under the tree this season. Owner Irene Rochette is not only a proud grandmother, but an avid camper besides. Here’s what she had to say:

“I got one of these for my birthday in June, and I loved how stable they help my drinks. I’ve tried a variety of of drinks, bottles, cups, juice boxes, and they all stayed right where I wanted them.  And because I could move them more easily than the table on the side of my camp chair, I could share it with whoever was sitting next to me.

The fact that it has a bowl holder is great, because Dave loves his peanuts, and he has a good place to keep them, away from the ants.

Why would I want another one? Everybody wants to borrow the one I have!”

– Irene

$19.40. You can purchase Tipsy Stix from our online store here.

What I Want Under the Tree: X-Chocks

x-chockWe asked some of folks at Westland Camping what they’d like under the tree this season. Owner Dave Rochette is not only a proud grandpa, but an avid camper besides. Here’s what he had to say:

“If you’re used to the old plastic wheel chocks or bits of wood, the X-Chock looks like overkill. But with as much as I go in and out of these trailers, even on vacation, I am very aware of how much trailers can rock, even with all of the stabilizer jacks down. Even in my trailer, I was trying to find a way to make the trailer sit more stable.

We started using X-Chocks at the RV shows, and I am amazed at how much of a difference they make.  They are simple to use, and don’t take up as much room as my other wheel chocks.

If I woke up to get a set of these on Christmas, I would be very happy.  Way more practical than a tie.”

– Dave

$98.55 / pair. You can Purchase X-Chocks from our online store here.


Part Of The Week: The Collapsible Salad Spinner by Progressive

Collapsible Salad Spinner

Collapsible Salad Spinner

Last week we talked about the Progressive Collapsible Measuring Cups, this week we thought we would follow it up with another great space-saving product, the Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner.  As I mentioned before, My home kitchen is fairly small, and has limited storage, so I have been switching things over to these products for the last two years.  The Salad Spinner is great, since I just don’t have a ton on room to store these handy kitchen gadgets.  RV galleys tend to be small, and storage is key, and Progressive wants to make sure you have enough room for all the things you will need for a complete RV kitchen.

We are also always excited when these products have Youtube Videos, since there is nothing better than to watch the products in action before we buy them.  No cute kitties in this video, sorry.

This week we are offering 10% off Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner.  Bring in this coupon or mention you liked us on face book to receive your discount.  Can’t make it to the store this week?  Order online at:


Selling fun since 1969 

Part of the Week: Camco Water Pump Conversion Kit

Camco Pump Converter Kit

Camco Pump Converter Kit

This week we are offering 10% off Camco Pump Converter Winterizing Kit.  This kit saves you time and trouble while winterizing your RV.  No more will you have to waste anti-freeze pouring it into the fresh water tank, or disconnecting and disconnecting the connection at your water pump.  A must –have for anyone looking to save effort and labor, and money.

Bring in this coupon or mention you liked us on face book to receive your discount.  Can’t make it to the store this week?  Order online here.

For more information, click here.

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Video Tutorial: How To Sanitize Your Trailer’s Water System

Mark Polk from RV Education 101 has been educating RV-ers for years.  He teaches everything from basic mainternance to how to hook up your 5th wheel to your tow vehicle.  I find him to be a great resource to help answer questions, and help those who are relatively new to owning a trailer or 5th wheel.

This video explains in an easy to follow series of steps to sanitize your fresh water system.  This is something you will want to do at least once a year, but it can’t hurt to do it more than once…


Taking Care of your RV Rubber Roof

Bad Caulking

Bad Caulking.  Bad, bad Caulking.

One of the most common questions I get almost every day, is “how often do I need to re-caulk my roof?”  My answer is almost always the same: If you need to ask, it’s probably time.

Most manufacturers recommend at least checking your roof every three months.  It helps to use a good Rubber Roof Cleaner before doing any good inspection, preferably using a cleaner designed for use on a rubber roof that will add some extra UV protection.  As an added benefit, regular washing of your roof will cut down on black streaks on the sides of the unit saving you time and energy.

When you look at your caulk, you are looking for small cracks, edges that are lifting up a little or areas that have gotten very thin over time.


If you see any of this, then it’s time to peel up the old stuff and run a new bead.  People ask at this point, “Can I just go over the top with new caulk?”, and to that I say, I don’t suggest it.  Old caulk doesn’t adhere to the roof as well as it used to, and if you apply new caulk over it, then the bottom layer is still not sticking well.  Besides, you will use much less caulk if you aren’t trying to cover all the old stuff as well as the seam.  So clean it up the best you can, and start fresh.


Next is choosing the right caulk for the right job.  On the flat surface of your roof, use a self leveling caulk or “Lap Sealant” for this job.  It is liquid enough to actually fill in air gaps and seams in your bead.  It settles to create a uniform thickness.  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE A LARGE BEAD!  The trick is to cover the seam, and any screws, and the edge of whatever you are caulking around (TV antenna, refrigerator vent, etc…).  The point is to cover any place water can get in.


No other single maintenance job is quite as important for long-term health of your trailer.  One bad caulk job can cost thousands of dollars to repair, and is many times not covered under insurance.  If you are worried or aren’t sure what you are looking for, call us and we can inspect it for you and give you some suggestions.

Winter Cover For Your RV



One of the most common questions we get asked by customers this time of year has to do with whether or not to cover their trailer during winter or long term storage (a few months or more).  The answer is yes, you should.  Also, what kind of cover would be the best?  Well, I’ll give you some pointers of what to look for in a cover as well. Continue reading

Testimonial: Awning Cleaner

Best Awning Cleaner from Westland Camping Center

Best Awning Cleaner from Westland Camping Center

I just got this email from some customers regarding Best Awning Cleaner.  They had bought a used 5th wheel, and were cleaning it up before taking it out on the road:


“Steve, Linda and I used the awning cleaner this morning just before it went back on the 5th wheel. Our old awning looks like new. This stuff cut through the dirt and mold fast. We used paper towel and went for fresh towels as the old ones got saturated with the green and brown slime. We did not have to scrub the same spots over and over, the best awning cleaner worked great.

Thanks, John and Linda”


If you have any thoughts about a product you found at Westland Camping, send me an email at steve@westlandcamping.com, and give the product some love!

Westland Camping Product Review: Microwave S’mores Maker

Microwave S'mores Maker

Might look odd, but it is tasty, and easy.

The first time I saw this, I was drawn to the look of it.  Really weird.  My second thought was why would you make s’mores in the microwave?  But the truth is, more and more campers are made with microwaves, sometimes more than one, counting the trend towards outside kitchens.  But when thinking practically about the steps involved in making s’mores over the campfire, I thought maybe this could very well be an easy way to get the gooey s’mores I wanted, in an easy to use, home and camper friendly fashion.  So I decided to give it a try.

I first tried this product in our home microwave as a treat for family movie night.    I filled the back with water, placed the gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow under the arms and popped it into the microwave.  30 seconds later I had a warm gooey S’more (minus the burnt exterior I get from the fire pit).  My daughter and I watched the S’more heat and it was amusing to watch her eyes grow with the marshmallow as it heated up.  The thing grows like crazy, easily tripling in size during the cooking process.

Some tips for use; use a thin chocolate bar if you wan the chocolate to melt through.  Stale marshmallows don’t expand as much as fresh ones so the melting process is not as even.  There are all sorts of different flavored chocolates and marshmallows it might be fun to experiment.  While nothing beats that over the fire S’more, I would recommend this product.  No sticks required.