RV Maintenance For Towable RV’s

Travel trailer, tent campers and fifth wheels all have special preventive maintenance needs. Here are some maintenance suggestions for RV tow vehicle, travel trailers and fifth wheels.

The standard recommendation is that you re-pack your trailer wheel bearings once a year. This is because trailers tend to sit a lot and that can contribute to condensation inside the wheel and that can lead to rust which, in turn, leads to partials which can score surfaces and cause friction and bearing failure. Re-packing the bearings also makes it easy to inspect your brakes and running gear in order to detect and fix potential problems before they become a hazard.

Check the nuts, bolts, and other fasteners to ensure that the hitch remains secured to the tow vehicle and the coupler remains secured to the trailer. The connection point may require periodic lubrication to permit free movement of the coupler to the hitch ball. A light application of grease is also recommended on RV fifth wheel hitches.

Under inflation reduces the load-carrying capacity of your tow vehicle or trailer, may cause sway and control problems, and may result in overheating. This causes blowouts or other tire failure.
Over inflation causes premature tire wear and affects the handling characteristics of the tow vehicle or trailer.
Ozone UV rays and contaminants cause RV travel trailer and fifth wheel tires to deteriorate over time so for safety is recommended they are replaced every 3 to 5 years regardless of tread wear. Check your tire dealer or tire manufacturer for specific recommendations. On a regular basis, have the brakes on both the tow vehicle and travel trailer inspired. Be sure that necessary adjustments are made and any damaged or worn parts are replaced.

Always inspect seals around your doors and windows as well as the roof where ever sealing is evident. Sealing material should always appear clean and soft as well as completely covering the gaps. Dry, dirty, shrunken seals will let in water and cause damage. Click here for more info on roof maintenance.

Don’t hesitate to call your repair shop if something doesn’t seem correct. There are no dumb questions only informative answers. Many will not charge you to make a quick visual inspection of your unit and advise you if a more in depth look should be made.