Westland Camping Education Department Presents: Picking the Camper or RV for your Needs



Every day, people walk into Westland Camping looking to purchase a new travel trailer 5th wheel or pop up camper, and we ask them some basic questions about what they are looking for.  An alarming number of people really have no idea.  I am going to talk about the basic steps you need to take to find the right RV for your family’s needs.

First of all, how many people are you looking to sleep?  Is it just you and a spouse?  Do you have kids or friends you need to accomidate?  This is an important first question, because your answer can eliminate over half of the floor plans out there, making your choice that much easier.  For example, this 831 FKBSS is great for sleeping 2, and equipped to sleep up to four, but utilizes the air mattress hide-a-bed.  This 831 BHWS unit is set up to sleep 10.  Both are about the same size, and about the same price, but are set up for very different families.


The next thing to consider is what kind of tow vehicle are you planning to use to pull it?  Or are you planning to pull it at all? any vehicles can either narrow down your choices or open up opportunities you hadn’t considered before.  Small tow vehicles such as the Ford Escape or Dodge Caravan are limited to 3,500 pound tow limits (if equipped properly), a Jeep Liberty can tow up to 5,000 pounds.  The Ford F-150 can tow over 10,000 pounds if properly equipped.  If you do have a smaller tow vehicle, then maybe you should consider a Walkabout trailer, designed fromt he ground up to be Ultra Light-Weight.  (like, super light).  Knowing the answer to this can help you direct your attention to units that fit your vehicle as well as your family.


One last thing (at least for this article) is what type of camping are you planning on doing?  If your dream is a lot of longer trips where you do a fair amount of moving from place to place, maybe you would like a unit with less set up, like a travel trailer.  But if you like the feeling of sleeping outside, then perhaps a tent camper (or pop up camper) or hybrid travel trailer is the right unit for you.


These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing the right camper or RV for you and your family.  Obviously, this doesn’t take into account new/used, price ranges, financing, or that sort of thing, but that is going to have to wait for it’s own article.  If you have any questions, about what RV is right for you, then give us a call, and we will be glad to help.