Old Town Kayaks at Westland Camping Center

Old Town Vapor

Old Town Vapor

Old Town Kayaks

User-friendly, extremely stable, and easy to maneuver, Old Town Kayaks are designed for those who would rather spend time enjoying themselves than learning to paddle through whitewater. These kayaks are perfect for all the lakes (Great and small), ponds and rivers that are so plentiful Michigan.

Remember, we don’t just sell kayaks – we use them all summer! Our experts can fit you and your family with the model that’s right for you. And in addition to our huge in-store selection of kayaks, we have all the accessories you’ll need to make your kayaking experience an enjoyable one.  Old Town recreational kayaks are broken up into Families of boats:

The Dirigo Family: The time-tested Dirigo is beloved for its friendly, easy-to-paddle nature. A roomy cockpit and excellent initial stability make this family a perfect choice for almost anyone.

The Heron Family:  The Heron family is the result of many decades of building recreational kayaks. With a compact sporty design the Heron family is easy-to-paddle, tracks well and maneuvers with ease. Perfect for beginning paddlers.

The Vapor Family:  This sporty kayak family offers a stable, efficient and comfortable ride. A large cockpit opening offers ample room to move around. These high volume kayaks can really pack a load.

The Camden Family:  We loaded the Camden family with a richness of features not found in most recreational kayaks on the market. From a smooth planing hull that will astound you with its glide to storage solutions that will impress you with their functionality.

and the stand-alone Loon 111:  An outfitter favorite, the Loon 111 is a classic in the Old Town line. Built using three layer technology this kayak is durable and can stand the test of time. The extra roomy cockpit combined with optimal stability make this a reassuring ride for those first learning to paddle. Equipped with a bomber seat, a paddle keeper and the new Glide Track Foot Brace System.