Kayak Season is Coming, Are you Ready?

February is normally a sad time for a camper.  Snow, sleet, rain, and severe cabin fever is running rampant.  But it is so tantalizingly close to Spring, that you need to be prepared.  Here at Westland Camping, we have been talking to people on the phone about kayaks since January.

Now is the best time to start looking at where you plan on going this season, and what you want to do while you are at it.  Getting a fishing rod holder installed right now in preparation for early spring fishing is a good idea, because we are a little slower than we are in June.

February is also a good time to review your safety equipment, such as your PFD, or paddle leash.  if these things aren’t up to snuff, then you have plenty of time to get replacements.  Another handy item is a water bottle leash.  This is a very handy product for under $10, that holds a standard water bottle attached to your boat securely.

It may also be time to upgrade your seat.  I know from personal experiance, that it’s tough to remember this one until you are an hour into your trip, and you have another three ahead of you.  Our kayak department can help you with all of these things, and give you helpful tips about how to store these items, and more.  Come see us today!