How Can I get The Most Out Of My Trade-In?

2003 Keystone Laredo 284 BH

Trading in your old trailer towards a new one is as expected as the Sun Coming up in the morning.  Basically, you are using your old trailer as currency towards the purchase of a new one.  The question we have to ask ourselves is how to maximize the currency of that trade-in.  Since I’ve been working at Westland Camping Center, I have developed 3 easy steps to help you maximize the value of your old trailer, and get ready to enjoy your new one…or used one, but you get my drift.

Step 1: Clean, Wash and Detail Your Trailer

The better than your trailer looks, the better it’s going to sell, and for a higher price. During the inspection of your trade, the less we have to do to it to get it into sellable condition, means the more it is worth in our eyes. So it is worth your while to give it a really good wash and detail on the outside as well as going inside, not only getting all your stuff out of it but cleaning out storage compartments, refrigerators,  and especially the stove and oven.  Vacuum out compartments, and clean the floor.  A hint about detailing the outside of your trailer for a trade in: Re-caulk the outside of the trailer.  Good clean caulk can make the whole outside look a lot better.

Step 2: Show A Detailed Service History

As you own your trailer just keep it maintained and keep records of what when and how you maintain the trailer.  Also keep track of your owner’s manuals as in perspective buyers like having the documentation when purchasing a trailer.  Knowing the service history can increase the value of your trade it if it’s been well maintained, bearings packed, new tires, roof checked; again very good things to the value the trailer. Make sure you  disclose problems that you know of: if you’re forthcoming about any issues at the beginning of discussions and allowances can be made before hand.  Surprise problems tend to make us question the overall value of the trailer, bring them up when we first start talking about a trade in then we have time to formulate a plan and figure out exactly what’s involved in repairing the problem to make it ready to sell.

Step 3: Get Started Sooner Rather Than Later

When you decide that you want to get a new trailer and trade your’s in, get started with some of these things right away.  If you wait to the last minute right before you bring it in for an inspection then there’s a higher percentage of missing something or forgetting some of your belongings or something like that. Start preparing as soon as you make the decision and you won’t have to rush and cost yourself money.

Remember, you’re buying a new trailer, and you’re using your old trailer as currency towards the purchase of a new one. The better it looks and the less work the dealership has to put into it to make it sellable, the higher the value is and the more your trailer is worth towards your new trailer. We want to make sure that you get the highest amount possible out of your trade, and make sure you get a fair deal on your new one if you follow these three easy steps you’re guaranteed to get the max value out of your trade-in.