Flagstaff Hardside Trailers at Westland Camping Center

 Flagstaff Hardside is one of the most versatile campers on the market today

Flagstaff Hardside is one of the most versatile campers on the market today

Ok, so you are looking for something small, and easily towed. But storage is important, and if you can fit it in your garage, then so much the better right? But the thought of taking a tent camper out into the woods for deer camp makes you cold to your bones, and having to set it up doesn’t appeal to you. A Travel Trailer has the right equipment, but its too big, and quite frankly out of your price range.

I think I have a solution. Quite possibly, the best of both worlds. When you combine the solid exterior of a travel trailer with a Classic tent camper, you get the Flagstaff Hard Side Series, giving your camping experience the best of both. Bringing a smooth, fiberglass vacuum bonded exterior with a quick, easy set up, while retaining the towing and storage advantages of a tent camper, the Hard Side camper is the perfect blend.

Super easy to set up

With that distinct and nostalgic looking shape, Flagstaff Hardside campers are loaded with standard features. And since Flagstaff is already one of the most innovative and highest volume divisions in the industry, they can get you the best product for the best price anywhere. Compare the Flagstaff Hardside campers to the Chalet or the A-liner, and I am sure you will agree that you are getting so much more bang for your buck. Compared “Apples to apples”, the Flagstaff will save you thousands.

Flagstaff offers 8 different floor plans in the Hardside line, all of which are loaded with standard features you wont find in most campers. The vacuum bonded sidewalls offer a secure and well insulated living space outside of the weather. And with the A/C and both an electric heat pump, as well as a 20k BTU forced air furnace, this unit is built to handle all weather conditions.

hardside-pageFor more information and pictures of the Hardside line, check out the Flagstaff web page here and look at the gallery and 360 degree virtual tour.  And check back here regularly for more information about our in stock units, as well as some great insights on what hardside campers can offer you.  And of course, check out our inventory to see pictures of the units we have in stock ready for sale!