Westland Camping Michigan Campground Review

Camping Destination: White Birch Campground

White Birch Campground

Westland Camping Approved!

If you are looking for a cool place to spend a weekend that isn’t too far away, The White Birch Campground is a great place to go.  Located a short four miles west of Houghton Lake, nestled on the banks of the Muskegan River, White Birch is a relaxing place to spend a long weekend.

The year 2010 saw some changes for this company, including new ownership, and an increase in both facilities, and service.  Having stayed at this campground under both owners, I was greatly impressed with the new improvements.  There was firewood delivered directly to the site, as well as a shuttle service to the local convenience store for supplies every weekend night.  We had a larger group of tent campers, so we stayed on the group site called “The Point,” which is surrounded on two sides by the river, and was about a hundred yard walk from the parking area through the woods along the river.  We were not looking forward to lugging all of our gear there, but we didn’t have to.  They used a tractor and trailer to haul all of our stuff down, so all we had to do was unload and unpack.  These are all free services offered, and greatly appreciated.

The campground also has a livery service right on the spot, dropping off customers at multple points along the river depending on what kind of time you want to spend on the river.  They offer canoes, kayaks, and tubing, for whatever kind of river trip you are looking at.  My wife and I had brought our own kayaks, and they shuttled them for us as well, with only a nominal fee for the trouble.

The campground includes flush toilets and showers, as well as water and power hookups, and a sewer dump station.  The property is private and out of the way and mostly tree covered, but some spectacular stargazing can be had with only a short walk to open farmland, where our group got to witness a meteor shower in full effect (it was pretty cool).

For entertainment, there is (aside from the kayaking) an outdoor game room, horseshoes, water volleyball set up in the river, and of course, fishing and swimming galore.

And after talking to the owners, they have big plans for White Birch, so this season, if you want a great weekend away, look hard at a trip to Houghton Lake, and White Birch.  You will also be impressed.