Camperpalooza Schedule of Events

As you may have heard, there is a big time event coming here to Westland Camping April 29th, 30th and May 1st.  There are a ton of activities going on, so I want to give you a schedule of events so that you all can plan on not missing anything.  Keep in mind, things can and probably will change, so if there is something you just can’t bring yourself to miss, call us, and we’ll give you an update.

Here is a list of scheduled events for Camperpalooza:  These times are approximate, and subject to change.  We do our best planning these things out, but you know how it goes… Continue reading 

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Camperpalooza: These Prices Can’t last

Good afternoon Campers!  You have heard me talking about our Camperpalooza Summer Kickoff Sales Event for a couple of weeks now.  I’ve talked about the activities, the How-To clinics, and the great demos and Cooking displays.  But the most important thing we do here, is sell awesome trailers, for a great price.  Westland Camping is known for it’s great prices, awesome customer service, and making sure that whatever the deal is, you are prepared to go camping the next day. 

Camperpalooza may be a lot of things, but at it’s heart, it is an opportunity for you and your family to get a great deal on your next RV.  And after a lot of negotiations with our manufacturers, we are ready to announce what kinds of deals we will be offering: Continue reading 

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Oh, The Games You Can Play

Camping isn’t just about what kind of unit you are going to be camping in, or the best way to start a fire, or even what equipment you should have with you.  Camping is a chance to just relax and enjoy yourself.  Whether you are going with a couple of friends, or your whole family, it allows people to get back to the fun in thier lives.

We at Westland Camping love to have fun, and at Camperpalooza, we intend to make sure you do too.  In addition to the awesome sales and deals we are going to offer, we are also going to be offering games and contests for prizes throughout the event. Continue reading 

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Westland Camping How-To Clinics

This year at Westland Camping’s Camperpalooza, we are holding several How-To Clinics, concerning everything from camp cooking, to how to maintain your trailer.  We are also going to show you how you can easily outfit your kayak to be a lean, mean fishing machine.  But there will be more to come.  But first, a few highlights of what is coming your way here at Westland Camping: Continue reading 

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Camperpalooza Summer Kickoff Sales Event at Westland Camping!!

Welcome back Campers!

The time is here, and we are getting ready to jumpstart this camping season with our Camperpalooza Summer Kickoff Sales Event!

This year we are pulling out all the stops, and we are inviting a bunch of industry experts to participate!  So I am going to take this opportunity to answer all of your Camperpalooza questions: Continue reading 

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Westland Camping Approved Recipes for March

This Month at Westland Camping, we salute the cast iron Dutch Oven. This hearty peice of American cookware is both functional, and healthy.  So dive it, and let us know what you think about your D.O.! Continue reading 

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Temple Fork Outfitters Meets Westland Camping

Welcome back campers!  Here is another article geared towards the anglers out there.  I’m going to introduce all of you to Temple Fork Outfitters, and their exclusive line of Gary Loomis rods.  TFO are bringing high performance to a market that never was able to spend $400 on a fishing pole.  Here is the Gary Loomis/Temple Fork story:  Continue reading 

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More Easy Add-Ons From Westland Camping

Last time we spoke, I talked about bringing my camper home to get it ready for the season.  This is the best time of the year for this, as it helps stoke the fire of camping excitement.  These simple modifications can greatly increase the useability of the camper, and make it safer.  Last time, I installed a battery and breakaway switch.  This time, I’m installing: Continue reading 

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My Day Off From Westland Camping…

Like most people, I don’t relish the thought of going in to work on my day off.  Especially on a Sunday.  However, this past weekend, I was looking forward to it.  You see, I recently moved up in campers this year, from a very small pop up camper to a larger one with more amenities.  And with the weather being pretty nice this past Sunday, it was a great opportunity to go back to Westland Camping and get the trailer and bring it home to set it up, and add/install some after market accessories that make the camper ready for the season at a moment’s notice.  Over the next few articles, I will be describing some of the accessories that I installed, and why:

Continue reading 

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Pop-Up Season is Almost Here, How is Your Tent Looking?

Call it a pop up, a tent camper, or a folding trailer, a pop up is awesome camping.  Designed as an entry level RV, many people graduating from tents use a pop up to test the RV waters.  We at Westland Camping Center want to help you figure out if now is the time to step up into your first RV. Continue reading 

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