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Rome Double Pie Iron

Video: Pie Iron Recipe: Monkey Bread

Ok, so we have a bunch of new Pie Iron Related videos this week, since Pie Irons are our Accessory of the Week.  This is one I may have to try before my next trip, just put it on the grill…

Rome Pie Iron Coupon

Video: Pie Iron Recipe Grilled Cheese and Pastrami Sandwich

We found these guys while looking around Youtube, doing hardcore work-related research… It doesn’t matter how easy you tell someone pie irons are, if you actually see it it will sink in faster.  That is why it is our Accessory of the Week.  Check this out:

Rome Double Pie Iron

Video: Pie Iron Recipe: London Broil Steak

This looks so good, I just want to start a fire here in my office and cook one up…  but the Fire Marshall has specifically asked me not to do that anymore. Use your discount to pick up a double Pie Iron today, your stomach will thank you, as will your family!

Rome Double Pie Iron

Video: Pie Iron Recipe: Ham Breakfast Sandwich

We at Westland Camping Center love our Pie Irons.  That is why Pie Irons are our first official Accessory of the week.  The are as easy as you want it to be, or can be as extravagant as you like, and it all tastes better over a fire.  Check these guys out, and see for yourself how […]

Rome Double Pie Iron

Video: Rome Pie Iron Recipe from the Web: Pizza Calzone

We found these guys, and man do they make us hungry.  Since the Pie Iron is our Accessory of the Week, we thought we would share these great recipes and tips throughout the week.  Today, Pizza Calzone!  

Rome Double Pie Iron

Video: How to Season your Rome Cast Iron Pie Iron

Here is a great video we found that step-by-step walks you through seasoning your Cast Iron Pie Iron.  And since the Rome Pie Iron is our Accessory of the week, it is only fitting that we highlight how to take care of it!  

Reese Revolution pin box

VIDEO: Flagstaff 5th Wheels Featuring the Reese Revolution Pin Box

Eliminate the need for expensive slider 5th wheel hitches with the Reese Revolution King pin, now on all Flagstaff 5th wheels.  Check out the video below.  

Westland Camping research team at Sleeping Bear Dunes

Camping Isn’t Easy, But it is Worth it.

I know this may sound counter-intuitive for a camping professional to say, but it is true: Camping isn’t easy. There is a lot of planning that goes into a camping trip, planning routes, destinations, menus, etc. But the value of going camping far surpasses (in my opinion) any other family vacation option. I grew up […]

RV Toilet

Westland Camping RV Service Tips: Dumping (Part 2)

RV DUMPING; NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK: Part 2 (Standing to the side)   Last time I discussed the things you need to do every time you use the sewer system, let’s review:  The proper chemicals with a few gallons of water, and the proper tissue.  Everybody caught up now?  Good, let’s move on […]

Westland Camping RV Service Tips: Dumping (Part 1)

RV DUMPING; NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK: part 1 (The ingredients)   Nobody likes thinking about it, nobody likes doing anything about it, but it is the single most important element to a successful vacation: THE SEWER SYSTEM!!!  This is part one in a series that will help de-mystify your black water system, and […]

Westland camping center

Westland Camping Featured in Coleman Camper Video Tour

Though this video doesn’t specifically address a specific unit or year, we think not only is the information great, the scenery is fantastic.  Extra bonus points if you guess all of the locations you see here!

White Birch Campground

Westland Camping Michigan Campground Review

Camping Destination: White Birch Campground If you are looking for a cool place to spend a weekend that isn’t too far away, The White Birch Campground is a great place to go.  Located a short four miles west of Houghton Lake, nestled on the banks of the Muskegan River, White Birch is a relaxing place to spend […]

Westland Camping Center Video Tour

  Ask any person who has ever shopped for an RV at an RV dealership, and they will probably tell you about being set upon by teams of hungry salespeople, ready to jump on you and shove you into the most expensive thing that your credit can get you, all while dripping hair oils on […]

Flagstaff 30 WFKSS Video Tour

  This past weekend saw Westland Camping at the RV show in Novi Michigan, where We got the opportunity to show off one of our favorite Flagstaff Travel trailers, the Flagstaff 30WFKSS.  This Trailer is part of the V-Lite series, identified by the distinctive V shape in the front.  Come on and take a look. […]

Westland Camping Education Department Presents: Picking the Camper or RV for your Needs

Every day, people walk into Westland Camping looking to purchase a new travel trailer 5th wheel or pop up camper, and we ask them some basic questions about what they are looking for.  An alarming number of people really have no idea.  I am going to talk about the basic steps you need to take […]

Westland Camping is back at the RV Show!!!

This February, we have the opportunity to show the latest and greatest RV’s for all to see at the Suburban Collection Showplace.  Here are the details from the RV show website, from MARVAC, the Michigan Association of Recreational Vehicles and Campgrounds:   When February 8-12, 2012 Add this event to your calendar) (If prompted to […]

Westland Camping featured by Erik Sharp and the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping Featured in the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping was featured in an article and video posted by their acclaimed outdoor columnist Erik Sharp.  He visited our booth at the show on Saturday, and the article ran in the Sunday edition. Also Featured, our friend from the Michigan Kayak Fishing Club, Lucian Gizel.   The article (and video) featured a look at […]

Westland Camping Center:Browse Our Inventory

Westland Camping: Areas We Serve

At Westland Camping Center we work hard to make it easy for you to shop for a new tent trailer, camper trailer, expandable, ultra-lite trailer or 5th wheel. For example, our entire inventory is online with photos and specifications so you can research models from your own home. Most of our online visitors come from nearby […]

Westland Camping and the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping will be at the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping is announcing a new event for January: the Ultimate Fishing Show!  The event is being held once again at the Suburban Collection Showplace, January 12th-15th. We will be on hand talking to folks about Old Town and Ocean Kayaks, TFO fly rods, Lake Fork Tackle, and just getting out and enjoying what nature […]

10 Things Every RV Camper Needs

Below is a list of items we take with us on every camping trip. We recommend them to friends and customers, we trust them with our families, and we’re sure you will trust them too. Everything here is available at our store, or you can order online and get it delivered right to your home. […]

RV Maintenance For Towable RV’s

Travel trailer, tent campers and fifth wheels all have special preventive maintenance needs. Here are some maintenance suggestions for RV tow vehicle, travel trailers and fifth wheels. The standard recommendation is that you re-pack your trailer wheel bearings once a year. This is because trailers tend to sit a lot and that can contribute to […]

Flagstaff T12RS Hardside Pop Up Camper Video Tour

  Check out the new Flagstaff T12RS Hardside Pop Up in this video we made in our showroom (it was my first video, so be kind).

Westland Camping Center: Video Introduction

  Westland Camping Center, video from a recent open house event.

Westland Camping: Flagstaff 8528 IKWS Video Tour

This is a tour of the Exclusive Diamond Package on the Flagstaff Island Kitchen 5th wheel.  It features a ton of new features that add a great looks and function to this light weight 5th wheel.  

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