One of the most common questions we get at the RV shows is whether or not the Hard-side trailers are hard to set up, so we decided to make a video showing you how easy it really is.

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Check out a full list of standard features here!


Flagstaff Hardside Campers Standard Features

Flagstaff Hardside is one of the most versatile campers on the market today

Flagstaff Hardside is one of the most versatile campers on the market today

The Flagstaff Hardside trailer is unique in it’s design in that it is pretty much fully loaded straight from the factory. When people come into the Dealership and start looking at these, they always ask what is optional on it, and are pretty shocked to find out that there really aren’t too many add-ons, this is pretty much stock. Things like the standard electric heat pump, stereo, microwave… well, if you want to read the whole list, then here you go:

Standard Features of the Flagstaff Hardside Trailer:

  • Cherry Interior With “Tile-Look” Linoleum
  • Two Tone Fabric Seating
  • Residential Style Kitchen Faucet
  • Stainless Steel Look Appliances and Sink
  • Double Pan Sink With High Rise Faucet ( T19SCHW and T21QBHW Only)
  • Electric Water Pump
  • Hot Water Package (Incl. Water Filter, Outside Shower, Six Gallon DSI Water Heater
  • Anti-Freeze Inlet to Bypass Fresh Water Tanks When Winterizing
  • Glass Stove Top Cover
  • Microwave
  • 3-Way Fridge
  • Residential Style Raised Panel Doors
  • Wood Drawers with Full Extension Drawer Glides
  • Large Clothes Bar
  • USB Charging Ports
  • AM/FM Stereo with CD Player
  • TV Outlet with Cable and Satellite Hookup
  • 30 amp Detachable power cord with Storage Bag
  • 35 Amp Converter with Battery Charger
  • 12v Safety Breaker
  • 10k Cool Cat Heat Pump
  • Floor Lights
  • Ceiling LED lights
  • LP Leak/Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Independent Torsion Axle
  • Easy Lube Axles
  • Spare Tire, Cover and Mount
  • 13” or Higher Radial Tire Size
  • Electric Brakes
  • Sliding Storage Tray on Front Storage Models
  • Equal-I-Zer Hitch Mounting Provision
  • Battery Box and Wiring Kit
  • Solar Panel Prep
  • Dual 20# LP tanks with Automatic Changeover Regulator
  • Diamond Plated Lower Front Cap
  • O/S Grill
  • O/S Speakers for Stereo
  • Door Step
  • Vented Entrance Door with Screen
  • Folding Grab Handle
  • Vacuum Bonded Fiberglass Sidewalls
  • Vacuum Bonded Roof with Metal Interior Panel
  • Large Roof Skylight
  • Two Front Windows
  • Large Opening Picture Window
  • One-Piece Undercoated Structure Wood Floors
  • Powder Coated Tubular Steel Frame
  • Stabilizer Jacks
  • 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • 2000# Tongue Jack
  • 7-Way Pigtail Plug

Flagstaff Hardside Trailers at Westland Camping Center

 Flagstaff Hardside is one of the most versatile campers on the market today

Flagstaff Hardside is one of the most versatile campers on the market today

Ok, so you are looking for something small, and easily towed. But storage is important, and if you can fit it in your garage, then so much the better right? But the thought of taking a tent camper out into the woods for deer camp makes you cold to your bones, and having to set it up doesn’t appeal to you. A Travel Trailer has the right equipment, but its too big, and quite frankly out of your price range.

I think I have a solution. Quite possibly, the best of both worlds. When you combine the solid exterior of a travel trailer with a Classic tent camper, you get the Flagstaff Hard Side Series, giving your camping experience the best of both. Bringing a smooth, fiberglass vacuum bonded exterior with a quick, easy set up, while retaining the towing and storage advantages of a tent camper, the Hard Side camper is the perfect blend.

Super easy to set up

With that distinct and nostalgic looking shape, Flagstaff Hardside campers are loaded with standard features. And since Flagstaff is already one of the most innovative and highest volume divisions in the industry, they can get you the best product for the best price anywhere. Compare the Flagstaff Hardside campers to the Chalet or the A-liner, and I am sure you will agree that you are getting so much more bang for your buck. Compared “Apples to apples”, the Flagstaff will save you thousands.

Flagstaff offers 8 different floor plans in the Hardside line, all of which are loaded with standard features you wont find in most campers. The vacuum bonded sidewalls offer a secure and well insulated living space outside of the weather. And with the A/C and both an electric heat pump, as well as a 20k BTU forced air furnace, this unit is built to handle all weather conditions.

hardside-pageFor more information and pictures of the Hardside line, check out the Flagstaff web page here and look at the gallery and 360 degree virtual tour.  And check back here regularly for more information about our in stock units, as well as some great insights on what hardside campers can offer you.  And of course, check out our inventory to see pictures of the units we have in stock ready for sale!

Incredible 3D virtual Tour of Flagstaff 8529 IKBS 5th wheel

Check out this interactive 3D virtual tour through our 8529 IKBS, Flagstaff’s newest and most luxurious 5th wheel yet.  Using Exclusive RVVUE technology you can “walk through” the whole unit, seeing every feature, and getting a real sense of the unit, and the space available.  This is a tour of the actual unit in stock, not just a demo program from stock photos.  All of the colors, features and elegance is waiting for you to come in and walk through it for real.

This 3D Virtual walkthrough is exclusive to Westland Camping, so you won’t find this level of detail in any other virtual tour.  let us know what you think!!


Download the spec-sheet for this unit to see exactly what options this unit was built with, and match it up with the tags in the walk-through for more information.

8529 IKBS MSRP sheet

We have this trailer marked at the amazing price of $40,350, so it will be going quick!


Fall Camping, Best time of the Year

fall camping

fall camping

As the Summer starts to wind down, and the breeze kicks up, a lot of people start to think about packing up their rigs and thinking about winter storage.  But for me, this is one of the best times to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  So please, take a few minutes to consider what you may be missing by putting “Bessie” away too early.

One of the distinct advantages of Fall camping, is that with most of the kids in school, the campgrounds are a lot more open, and the sites seem much more secluded.  Generally, you have your pick of campsites, and more privacy when you are set up.  In the evening, you are less likely to disturb your neighbors playing your radio, or a spirited game of Euchre.

The cooler nights being “outside” help me sleep a lot better than summer camping.  Even at night in the summer, it can be very warm.   You can’t beat jeans and your favorite sweatshirt, stepping out of your trailer with a hot cup of …whatever you drink in the morning… and the cool crisp morning air wakes you up, and you start cooking breakfast and reading the paper.  The colder weather makes the campfire at night a more cozy intimate event rather than being pushed back by the heat in late July.  The weather being cool also opens the door for different types of activities while camping as well.  I am not a huge fan of nature walks through the forest in the summer, between the humidity and the bug activity, but this time of year I take advantage of that (and save a few dollars on Off spray).

“Fall Color” trips are considered by some to be some of the most beautiful campground settings there are.  We are lucky to be in a state that offers so much to see, and for so long.  Colors start to turn a lot earlier in the U.P., and then there is a color wave that travels south, and soon all of Michigan is bright with vibrant oranges, greens, and reds.

So fellow campers, please think long and hard about whether you really are done for the year before you pack up.  You may have to use your furnace more, but it might be your favorite trip of the year too.

RV Tailgating with Cruise America: Who Needs the Game?

cruise america rvTailgating has become a sport onto itself; you don’t even need tickets to the game to have a great time! Cruise America motor homes have a microwave, oven, refrigerator, cupboard space, and a place to sit inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate. They also have a bathroom, and enough outside storage to bring all of your folding chairs and your grill. They come with propane and a generator to keep the appliances going – all you need is the food and friends!

To reserve your RV for a great tailgating party, give us a call @ 734-326-7700 and we can set you up with an RV that fits your size and budget!

Will I Pay Sales Tax On My Trade-In RV?



Tax break for Michigan recreation vehicle buyers

Starting in 2014, Michigan recreation vehicle (RV) buyers will see a tax break when trading in an older vehicle to purchase a new recreation vehicle from a licensed Michigan RV dealer.

The House and Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, November 4, 2013 that would end the charging of sales tax on trade-in recreation vehicles. The “Sales Tax on the Difference” bill will provide a customer who buys an RV beginning December 15, 2013, as much as a $120 savings with a trade-in.

Dave Rochette, owner of Westland Camping Center commented, “It’s a big step as virtually anything that gets traded in is going to benefit our customers. We’ve already had a couple customers that have heard about it, and it’s great that people are thinking about it.”

For the first year of the bill, the first $2,000 of a recreation vehicle’s trade-in value would be considered, providing $120 in savings. Over 25 years (roughly) the trade-in amount considered for tax exemption will grow by $500 each year. This will provide an extra $30 per year in savings, until reaching $14,000, at which the cap would be reached and no longer grow.

How Can I get The Most Out Of My Trade-In?

2003 Keystone Laredo 284 BH

Trading in your old trailer towards a new one is as expected as the Sun Coming up in the morning.  Basically, you are using your old trailer as currency towards the purchase of a new one.  The question we have to ask ourselves is how to maximize the currency of that trade-in. Continue reading

If You Don’t Have A Flagstaff Travel Trailer, The Zombies Will Eat You.

Flagstaff Trailers

Flagstaff Trailers

As you know, Westland Camping Center is the official RV Dealership of the Zombie Apocalypse.  For years, we have been working tirelessly to keep you and your family safe from the Zombies.  We have been studying the various brands and options available in great detail, and although any travel trailer is better than nothing, our conclusion is that a Flagstaff Travel Trailer is the best equipped to handle the hordes of zombies, and keep you and your companions from being eaten.  Not all of these things are standard features, but they are on most every unit we order for stock.

This is no rash judgement on our part.  This is science.  We have broken-down the top 10 features of a Flagstaff Travel Trailer that will keep you safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  Here we will delve further into these 10 features to show you how to keep your brains right where you want them.

Electric Tongue Jack:

The need to hook up and get away quickly is paramount.  And with Flagstaff’s newly designed electric tongue jacks you will be ready to roll in a flash.  Manual Jacks are tedious and strenuous, especially considering with a weight distribution hitch you have to up and down repeatedly for either hooking up or unhooking.  And now that Flagstaff tongue jacks have a quick-foot on them, you don’t need to run it as far up or down.  Just pull the pin and slide it up as soon as the weight is off.  This can save you time, and of course save your life if you gotta get out of Dodge fast…

Day/Night Shades:

These shades are far more than just window treatments.  When employed properly in the daytime, the day function allows light into the coach so you don’t need to use precious electricity.  They are also transparent enough to be able to see clearly out to make sure the coast is clear before going outside.  But they also block the view from outside, you can move freely inside the trailer without the risk of those pesky flesh-eating zombies being alerted to your presence.  And at night, you pull down the nighttime shade and now it blocks the light outside, and again allows for freedom of movement without being seen.

Slam Latches on Exterior Storage Compartments:

If you have ever used a travel trailer, you know that you almost never get the cam locks and thumb locks closed on your first try, wasting valuable time that could be better served fleeing.  Slam latches are just like door latches, and latch when you close the compartment door.   They are also faster and easier to open, for easy access to the bludgeoning weapon of your choice.   Also, for those who worry about other people as well as zombies, the key is different than most RV storage compartments, for better security.

Wicked Awesome Insulation Package, Due to Vacuum Bonded Sidewalls and Roof:

Flagstaff’s insulation allows for much cooler temperatures, boasting an impressive R-7 in the sidewalls, R-12 in the floor, and R-14 in the roof.  This is very important for three reasons.  First, the less energy you require to heat or cool your coach, the longer that energy will last.  Conservation of resources is paramount in a post zombie existence.  Secondly, you have to be flexible about where you have to be and when, so being able to go into colder climates can be a major advantage.  Some zombie related studies have shown that zombies freeze solid in cold weather, or at least slow down, so you may find that as an advantage.  Third, and possible most important for survival, good insulation muffles sound.  Playing around in your trailer is much less likely to attract the attention of wandering herds of zombies.

All LED Lights Inside The Trailer:

Energy conservation is a major theme in this article, because when the zombies come, resources will probably get scarce.  Led lights use significantly less electricity than their incandescent counterparts, making sure you can conserve your battery’s power much longer that before.  You can survive on battery power alone much longer, and make sure there is plenty of power to run all of the other appliances like the fridge, furnace and water pump between charges.  In the likely scenario that running a generator would attract a lot of (very hungry) attention, how long your battery lasts will be a key to your long-term survival.

Factory Installed Battery Shut-Off:

When you aren’t using your trailer, it will be vital to conserve energy, and one important way to do that is to use a battery shut-off switch.  This will prevent your trailer from using any of your precious battery power to run the carbon monoxide/LP leak detectors, fridge circuit boards, and any other 12 volt  items you may have forgotten to turn off while you are away for any extended period of time.

Fully Walk-able Roof and Rear Mounted Ladder:

The seamless Vacuum Bonded Roof is fully walk-able, so no matter where you step, you are sure to have great support.  Combined with the rear mounted ladder, you have a great way to get up top for a better vantage-point for your lookout.  Also good for doing some routine maintenance, to ensure your home away from home stays in tip-top shape.

Heated Holding Tanks:

This feature is the best way to keep your holding tanks from freezing in cold weather in a post-zombie world.  Not only does it run on your 12v system, it doesn’t use your furnace at all, which saves energy and your LP supply.  It is also makes no sound, and as you know, noise attracts zombies.

Power Awning, LED Awning Lights, and Exterior Flood Lights:

These A&E powered awnings are extremely convenient to use and operate.  Lets say for example there is a storm coming, and you need to close your awning before it gets ripped off (you know how that goes…).  But there is a problem, there are a couple of zombies checking out the campsite next to yours, and there is no way you can go outside to get to the awning arms… What do you do?  Easy, just walk over to the switch, and roll it up.  No exposure, and you stay comfy and cozy inside.  These Awnings also feature LED lights underneath then, so you can light the entire area under the awning, while still being energy efficient, and not having to remove anything from the awning before retracting it.  And the exterior Flood lights are great to make sure your perimeter is secure before going outside at night, or to check on that spooky noise without having to put yourself at risk like some idiot in a horror movie.  Don’t be that idiot.  Get a Flagstaff.

Built-In Water Filtration System:

You never know where your water will be coming from, but with the on-board water filtration system, you can be sure that by the time it reaches the tap, it has gone through a tested and certified water filtration system.  Rusty well water and fine sediments are a thing of the past.  Let everyone else worry about that, as you wash your dishes and take your shower knowing that you don’t have to worry.

These features are the top 10 reasons you need a Flagstaff trailer, but they are not NEARLY the only ones.  I haven’t even gotten started on the easy to clean high gloss fiberglass (to wash all the gore off, of course), or the fact that they are all Half Ton Truck Tow-able.  Maybe I should do a top 15…

Please, read this article and consider this your warning.  If you don’t have a Flagstaff, rest assured, zombies will totally eat you.


Spring Into Camping!

Escape Cabin Fever at Westland Camping

Escape Cabin Fever at Westland Camping

This Winter has been Hard.  Brutal.  Unrelenting.  Cold.  If it hasn’t been actively dumping record amounts of snowfall, it has been too cold to go outside, and when you were outside, you were shoveling; and then getting back inside before your eyes froze.  This can lead to a serious case of cabin fever.  We can Help. Continue reading

March is Red Cross Month

First Aid Supplies to Have On Hand

First Aid Supplies to Have On Hand

March is Red Cross Month, a good time to think about preparedness for camping! Here is a little history:

“Red Cross disaster response goes all the way back to Clara Barton and the beginning of the American Red Cross. The first disaster response was in 1881 when a forest fire in Michigan burned through a million acres in 24 hours. The fire claimed almost 300 lives and left thousands homeless. Red Cross chapters collected food and supplies which were shipped to Michigan to assist the 14,000 people in need of help. Today, the Red Cross responds to nearly 70,000 disasters every year.”

Aside from disaster relief, the Red Cross assists military families, provides health and safety courses, and helps to provide over 40% of America’s blood supply through donations.

Now, back to Camping Preparednes – here is a basic list for a First Aid Kit:


And don’t forget these items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm with sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Hand Sanitizer

It wouldn’t hurt to find CPR and  First Aid classes somewhere, too!

Westland Camping Campground Spotlight: South Higgins Lake State Park

Westland Camping Campground Spotlight: South Higgins Lake State Park

Westland Camping Campground Spotlight: South Higgins Lake State Park

Higgins Lake is a large lake in norther lower Michigan, and has two separate State Parks  attached to it, North and South Higgins Lake State Parks (Surprise!)

This article is specifically talking about the South Park, and contains a ton of material from their website, which will have a link below:

South Higgins State Park is a 1,000-acre park split in half by County Road 100. To the north is Higgins Lake and to the south is Marl Lake and 700 acres forested in maple, oak and pine. The park contains almost one mile of shoreline along Higgins Lake, which is a large spring-fed body of water known for its clarity and fishing potential. Marl Lake is considerably smaller, shallower and less developed.

The park was first opened as a campground in 1927 with 15 campsites. In 2002, the park marked its 75th anniversary with the dedication of three new toilet/shower facilities, new electrical systems and water upgrades. As the second largest campground in a state park, the park’s 400 modern camp sites are situated in a hardwood-shaded area. The park is very popular during the summer months and reservations must be made early.

For more information, or to make reservations, checkout the park website here.

For a complete map of the park, click here.

For a list of park activities and information…scroll down a little.

Campground Address:

South Higgins Lake State Park
106 State Park Drive
Roscommon, MI 48653
Phone Number: (989) 821-6374

Cross Country Ski

Trails are not groomed.


Higgins Lake stretches seven miles and can reach 135 feet in depth. It is best known by many anglers for its perch and lake trout populations. Marl Lake also provides for excellent fishing opportunities. Perch, smallmouth bass, and northern pike are commonly caught in the lake. Most anglers use a canoe or small boat and fish in the center of the lake. Anglers also have good success ice fishing on Higgins Lake.

Fishing in the Parks

Learn more about fishing at Fishing in the Parks, a free educational program.


There is a self-guided nature trail in South Higgins, as well as five miles of hiking trails surrounding Marl Lake that offer naturalists a good opportunity to explore the local area and observe wildlife. Please keep in mind that portions of the Marl Lake trail system pass through areas open to hunting. It is recommended that hikers wear highly visible clothing during the hunting seasons.


The Marl Lake area is open to hunters during scheduled hunting seasons. There is a good opportunities for small game such as squirrels and rabbits. This area is open for archery and firearms deer seasons. Hunters also have some success during turkey and bear seasons.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is recognized as a legitimate recreation activity when it is conducted in ways that do not damage the natural and cultural resources in Michigan State Parks nor violate applicable state statutes. If you wish to use a metal detector in this state park, here is a map that shows clearly where this activity may take place. Any items found must be reviewed by park staff and may be retained for further investigation.

Michigan State Park Explorer Program

Learn more about the natural features and resources located in this park with the Outdoor Explorer Program.

Pet-Friendly Area

There are two pet-friendly areas of shoreline at South Higgins Lake State Park. The first is for campers-only and is near the west campground. The second area is in the day use area. Please contact the park for specific details. Pets must be on a six foot leash and under an owner’s immediate control at all times. All pet waste must be properly disposed of in trash receptacles.


The sandy beach stretches three-quarters of a mile long Higgins Lake.

Watchable Wildlife

The Wildlife Viewing Guide is now on line atwww.michigan.gov/miwildlifeviewing.

The History of Forest River

In July 2013, Forest River became the largest RV manufacturing company in the US, and therefore the whole wide world.  This is not a small accomplishment, and congratulations to them.  It takes a lot of help from the individual brands like Flagstaff and Sabre; as well as help from their dealers, such as Westland Camping Center; and of course you guys, the consumer, the real reason they do this in the first place.

To commemorate the occasion, I thought I would post this history of the Forest River Company.  Not earth shattering information, but still very interesting stuff.



Westland Camping Campground Spotlight: Tee Pee Campground

Westland Camping Spotlights The Tee Pee Campground's Gorgeous View

Westland Camping Spotlights The Tee Pee Campground’s Gorgeous View

Westland Camping Center isn’t just an RV dealership, we are campers ourselves and want to make sure that you know all of the options available to you when you are planning your family time this year.  The Tee Pee campground is a great place not too far away, but with so much to do around it, I think you would be well served to spend a long weekend (or longer) exploring the campground, and the surrounding areas.  Here is a little bit of a preview from their website: Continue reading

Family Camping Memories Should Be Recorded And Shared

Westland Camping Family Vacation to the Platte River
Westland Camping Family Vacation to the Platte River

Westland Camping Family Vacation to the Platte River

Westland Camping Center is not just any RV dealership.  We are a family that has camped together forever, and continue to do so today.  We don’t just sell Travel trailers, 5th Wheels and Pop-up Campers, we take them out and use them.  We got into this industry because it gets us closer to the things we enjoy doing, and, OK, get paid to think about camping every day.

With that in mind, I want to share an insight into one of my favorite camping keepsakes: The Family Camping Journal.

I love looking at pictures from camping trips past, and seeing the camper equipment and games changing as my Brother and I got older, as well as the great views and vistas from our sites and the places we went to.  However, pictures only show you so much.  Sometimes you remember the people, but can’t remember what was happening, or why this trip was special.  Yes, sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words.

My mother, as the dedicated family historian, would take an hour or so every night or every other night, and describe where we were, what we did, and any funny anecdotes or stories pertaining to the day’s activities.  She noted the name of the campground, and site numbers.  She noted the general weather conditions, who was with us, and of course, how much trouble the dog got into…

The Journal itself wasn’t fancy, just a wire-bound notebook with a plastic cover to help make it last.  Over the years we had several of them.  But the collection of memories that were in it made it so much more than a mere notebook.  It was “The Journal”.  Sitting around the campfire at night is a natural “story-telling” atmosphere, and often we relived past camping trips.

It was also a great resource for planning trips later on, because we had a record of places we went, and what we thought of the place.  Some entries were more clinical about site conditions and campground descriptions, some were more story oriented, but it was overall a clear record of our camping history as a family.  I want to share some of those camping tales with you, starting with this one from 1980″

Mom Writes:

We have always kept a log book of our camping trips, and although they are often nearly illegible – I usually wrote the entries while we were driving – they provide a very good snapshot of our trips. This entry is from a trip we took to the Upper Peninsula in July of 1980; Kevin was four and a half, and Steve was fifteen months.


            “We found the Tee Pee Private Campground about one mile east of the Mackinac Bridge, with an excellent view of the bridge and Mackinac Island. The lake has a rocky bottom, but a nice beach with a play structure of the Mackinac Bridge.

            We took the 10:00 boat to the Island and rented bikes. Steve fell asleep in the bike seat, so we switched him to the backpack and rode all the way around the Island. It was a beautiful day, sunny and clear, and we got great views of the Bridge. We hiked up to the Governor’s Mansion, then returned to town and went to sit on the porch of the Grand Hotel. Got fudge and took the 5:00 boat back.

            The boys were very tired and went to sleep fast, but we had such a good view of the Bridge from our campsite, all lit up, that we woke Kevin up so he could see it.”


            This campground still exists; it is now partner with Good Sam’s.


In those days, I also kept track of what we spent; here are some examples:

                        Campsite (two nights)                                     $11.00

                        Ferry to Mackinac (for two adults)                     9.00

                        Bike rental (two w/child seats)                          12.00

                        Lunch on the Island (two adults, two kids)          8.00

Things have changed a lot.


I have referred to the log books many times, to find a favorite campsite or restaurant. Sometimes, we would refer back to an earlier trip, and read about it at the campfire. It always brings back great memories! 

How Do I Buy A Trailer At An RV Show?

Click here for your discount coupon for the MARVAC February RV Show 2014

Click here for your discount coupon for the MARVAC February RV Show 2014

With the big February RV show right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to give some advice to anyone who is planning to shop for or purchase their next trailer at the show.  Instead of me giving advice, I decided to ask some folks on the inter-webs who have bought trailers at RV shows before, “What Advice would you give to someone about shopping or buying at an RV show?” Continue reading

Westland Camping Campground Spotlight: Pinckney Recreation Area

Westland Camping Center Campground Spotlight: Pinckney Recreation Area

Westland Camping Center Campground Spotlight: Pinckney Recreation Area

Pinckney State Recreation Area is a Michigan state recreation area in Dexter, Sylvan and Lyndon Townships, Washtenaw County and Putnam and Unadilla Townships, Livingston County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

Pinckney Recreation Area is a paradise for backpackers, mountain bikers, anglers and other recreation enthusiasts. Pinckney is known for its extensive trail system and chain of excellent fishing lakes. Over forty miles of multi-use trail with remote campsites afford a backcountry experience. Pinckney is also a short drive from the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center in Waterloo Recreation Area.

Please be aware that Pinckney has over 11,000 acres and it is easy to go to the wrong location. The address for Bruin Lake Campground is 21237 Kaiser Road, Gregory, MI 48137 and the address for Pinckney Headquarters is 8555 Silver Hill Rd. Pinckney MI 48169. Pinckney Recreation Area provides a wide variety of activities for the park visitor in its three major use areas: Silver Lake Day Use area, Bruin Lake Modern Campground and the Halfmoon Day Use facility. The landscape, a terminal moraine area, was formed during the last glaciation period.

For a map of the Pinckney Recreation Area, click here.

For information about special events and schedules, click here.

Here is a list of Campgrounds in the Pinckney Rec. Area:

Pinckney-Blind Lake Rustic
(800) 447-2757
10 site(s), $12
Rustic Site, Vault Toilet, Walk-in Sites
Pinckney-Bruin Lake Camper Cabin
(800) 447-2757
1 site(s), $60-$80/night
Boat Launch, Fishing, Modern Restrooms, Swimming
Pinckney-Bruin Lake Modern
(800) 447-2757
186 site(s), $24/$16
Boat Launch, Boat Rental, Electrical Service, Fishing, Modern Restrooms, Playground, Swimming
Pinckney-Crooked Lake Rustic
(800) 447-2757
25 site(s), $12
Boat Launch, Fishing, Rustic Site, Vault Toilet
Pinckney-Glenbrook Yurt
(800) 447-2757
1 site(s), $60

Waterloo Recreational Area

Waterloo Recreation AreaLocated between Ann Arbor and Jackson, Waterloo Recreation Area is the largest park in the Lower Peninsula. At more than 20,000 acres, the park boasts two modern campgrounds, a rustic campground, an equestrian campground, a swimming beach, several picnic sites, 11 excellent fishing lakes, eight boat launches, 12 miles of interpretive nature trails, 47 miles of hiking trails, three rustic cabins, numerous equestrian trails and the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center.

The Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center features year-round exhibits and nature programs on Michigan’s geologic history.  The Discovery center also offers 15 miles of hiking trails, and seven miles of un-groomed cross-country ski trails for the intermediate to advanced skier.

There are multiple campgrounds within Waterloo that offer modern, rustic, equestrian and group camping.  There are also cabins and even a Yurt with occupancy ratings of 5 to 20 people.  Seriously, a Yurt!

The park abuts the Phyllis Haehnle Audubon Sanctuary where visitors can enjoy gazing at numerous Sand Hill Cranes from late August to early November, and a Crane festival at the Discovery Center in the fall.  They even offer Fall color tours and wine tours.  Information about programs can be obtained by calling them at (734) 475-3170.

For a full map of the park, click here.

For more information about the Waterloo Recreation Area, visit their website here.

Here is a list of the Campgrounds located inside the Waterloo Recreation Area:

Waterloo Green Lake-Rustic
(800) 447-2757
25 site(s), $12
Boat Launch, Fishing, Hiking, Rustic Site, Vault Toilet
Waterloo Portage Lake-Modern
(800) 447-2757
136 site(s), $24/$22/($16 semi modern-off season rate)
Electrical Service, Modern Restrooms, Some Campsites with 50 amp Service, Swimming
Waterloo Sugarloaf-Modern
(800) 447-2757
164 site(s), $24/$22
Boat Launch, Electrical Service, Modern Restrooms, Playground, Some Campsites with 50 amp Service, Swimming
(734) 475-8307
25 site(s), $17
Campers with horses, Equestrian, Rustic Site, Vault Toilet
Waterloo-Green Lake Yurt
(800) 447-2757
1 site(s), $60
Hiking, Hunting
Waterloo-Group Use Area
(734) 475-8307
5 site(s), $2 Per person, per night
Playground, Rustic Site, Swimming, Vault Toilet
Waterloo-Portage Lake Camper Cabin
(800) 447-2757
1 site(s), $60-$80/Night
Cabins & Lodges, Electrical Service
Waterloo-Rustic Cabins
(800) 447-2757
3 site(s), $60/$80
Cabins & Lodges, Vault Toilet

How The Walking Dead Got It Wrong.

Motohome broken down at the wrong time

Motohome broken down at the wrong time

If pop culture and television have taught me anything, it’s taught me that the zombies are coming, and we should be prepared.  That’s why Westland Camping  is dedicated to keeping you safe during the Zombie Apocalypse.  Westland camping is the official RV dealership of the zombie apocalypse. Continue reading

Campground Review: Peterson Bridge, Manistee National Forest

peterson bridge campground

peterson bridge campground

I want to introduce you to a small campground in the Manistee National Forest named Peterson Bridge.  The Manistee National Forest is located on the western side of Michigan, and runs about the entire pinky finger area of the mitten.  South of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the Manistee National Forest is an inland forest, sporting 12 different campgrounds to choose from.  In the Northern area of the forest, just southwest of Cadillac is Peterson Bridge Campground, on the southern edge of the Pine River. Continue reading

Taking Care of your RV Rubber Roof

Bad Caulking

Bad Caulking.  Bad, bad Caulking.

One of the most common questions I get almost every day, is “how often do I need to re-caulk my roof?”  My answer is almost always the same: If you need to ask, it’s probably time.

Most manufacturers recommend at least checking your roof every three months.  It helps to use a good Rubber Roof Cleaner before doing any good inspection, preferably using a cleaner designed for use on a rubber roof that will add some extra UV protection.  As an added benefit, regular washing of your roof will cut down on black streaks on the sides of the unit saving you time and energy.

When you look at your caulk, you are looking for small cracks, edges that are lifting up a little or areas that have gotten very thin over time.


If you see any of this, then it’s time to peel up the old stuff and run a new bead.  People ask at this point, “Can I just go over the top with new caulk?”, and to that I say, I don’t suggest it.  Old caulk doesn’t adhere to the roof as well as it used to, and if you apply new caulk over it, then the bottom layer is still not sticking well.  Besides, you will use much less caulk if you aren’t trying to cover all the old stuff as well as the seam.  So clean it up the best you can, and start fresh.


Next is choosing the right caulk for the right job.  On the flat surface of your roof, use a self leveling caulk or “Lap Sealant” for this job.  It is liquid enough to actually fill in air gaps and seams in your bead.  It settles to create a uniform thickness.  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE A LARGE BEAD!  The trick is to cover the seam, and any screws, and the edge of whatever you are caulking around (TV antenna, refrigerator vent, etc…).  The point is to cover any place water can get in.


No other single maintenance job is quite as important for long-term health of your trailer.  One bad caulk job can cost thousands of dollars to repair, and is many times not covered under insurance.  If you are worried or aren’t sure what you are looking for, call us and we can inspect it for you and give you some suggestions.

47th Annual Detroit Camper & RV Show

Flagstaff Trailers

Flagstaff Trailers

Title: 47th Annual Detroit Camper & RV Show
Location: Suburban Collection Showplace
Link out: Click here
Description: This is the premier RV show in Michigan, drawing from Ohio, Indiana, and places beyond for great deals on RV’s!

We will be keeping people updated with what Westland Camping Center will be offering as the show draws closer, but plan time now to come out and visit us.
Start Date: 2013-02-06
End Date: 2013-02-10

Winter Cover For Your RV



One of the most common questions we get asked by customers this time of year has to do with whether or not to cover their trailer during winter or long term storage (a few months or more).  The answer is yes, you should.  Also, what kind of cover would be the best?  Well, I’ll give you some pointers of what to look for in a cover as well. Continue reading

Westland Camping Service Tip Video- Checking Your Trailer for Water Damage

This time of year, it is important to do a thorough checkout of your RV for loose or damages seals, as well as the rest of the things you need to do to fully winterize your trailer.  No matter if it is a 5th wheel, travel trailer of a pop up camper.  These items are probably the number 1 on the list of important seasonal checks.


Here is a video from the folks at RV Education 101, quickly explaining what to do to check out your trailer.


If you want a practiced eye looking at this stuff, feel free to call us and we will check it out for you.