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How do I Care For My Fiberglass Travel Trailer?

If you own a travel trailer with a fiberglass exterior you will need to take care of it, so that the finish stays shiny and awesome for years to come.  Just like any automotive exterior, the finish and look can deteriorate with time.  We have all seen those dingy, chalky, dry and faded fiberglass trailers […]

Westland Camping critter prevention

Protecting your Trailer From Critters

Mice, squirrels, raccoons, mountain goats, and hippopotamuses can all do major damage to the inside of your trailer while you aren’t looking.  They can build nests in the confines of your furnace where you cant see them, they can chew wires, they can destroy insulation, wood, bedding, and really anything they touch (or pee on). […]

Why Are Winter Leaks The Worst?

Wintertime in Michigan, or anywhere the snow flies for that matter, is one of the worst conditions for your trailer to sit in.  The combination of heat and cold, plus the snow and ice can create a perfect condition for a long-term leak that can cost you big. Things contract in the cold, and with […]

This is the face of a suburban water heater, available at Westland Camping

Why Doesn’t My RV Water Heater Work?

RV water heaters are fairly simple appliances.  they are basically a large metal bucket that has a burner chamber running through it, that when the water heater is… well… heating, the lp flame jets into the chamber and the water in the tank heats up. Fancier water heaters also run on 110v electric as well, […]

Schwintek Slide Out

Video: Troubleshooting Your Schwintek Slide out

Sometimes problems can happen.  I know, it’s a shocker.  We want to help you be prepared in the unlikely event that you have a slide out problem while using the Schwintek slide out.  Unlike the traditional slide, there is no crank handle for overriding the controls, so here is a video on some troubleshooting tips […]

Schwintek Slide Out

Shwintek Slide Out Video Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Schwintek Slide Out System video by Lippert Componants.  These slide outs can be seen on Flagstaff and Sabre RV’s as well as many other manufacturers.

Schwintek Slide Out

Schwintek Slide Out System Video Part 1

Many manufacturers are using a new type of slide out system called a Schwintek slide out system.  This is a very technologically advanced slide system, and for more information, here is part 1 of a video from Lippert Componants demonstrating this new type of slide out.

Schwintek Slide Out

Video: Understanding Your Schwintek Slide out

A lot of trailers these days are being built with this new-fangled slide out called a Schwintek by Lippert Components.  To understand more fully what this is, and how it works, I am posting these videos From Lippert so that you can learn more about what makes your trailer so great.  

manual slide out crank

How Do I Manually Operate My Slide Out?

Though we don’t see very many problems with today’s slide outs, occasionally problems can occur.  Situations where you have no power, or your battery is dead for example. One of the most common questions we are asked is how to manually operate slide outs.  Here is a helpful video I found that covers this question. […]

Should I check My Trailer During the Winter?

In the camping off season it is easy to forget your about your trailer.  With the holidays, winter break from schools and everything else that seems to crash at the end of the year, your trailer sits silently under the snow and ice, waiting for the chance to get out camping the next season. You […]

This is a basic chart, not specific to Flagstaff, but pretty good.

How Do I Winterize My Flagstaff Travel Trailer?

Flagstaff Travel Trailers are designed for maximum ease of use for their owners.  They include all sorts of features that make life a little easier, and add more every year.   Some of the most useful features have to do with winterizing.  Since it is getting to be time, I thought it would be a […]

Video: Flagstaff Roof Structure, Vacuum Bonded Roof

  A short video about the different types of roof structures and why vacuum bonded fully walk-able roofs are preferable to truss-style roofs.  

cracked tires

Simple Service Tips For Your RV

Refrigerator Guidelines 1. Plug in and pre-cool your refrigerator for at least 24 hours for a travel trailer and 12 hours for a pop-up. 2. Pre-chill everything you put in it. 3. If using the refrigerator on propane, light the stove first; if there’s air in the line, the stove will purge it out. When […]


Video: How Dual Axle Trailer Tires and Wheels Turn

  This is a video showing what happens to trailer tires and wheels while turning.  Kind of neat right?

Using a battery disconnect to extend the life of your battery

Video: Disconnecting Your Battery During Storage

Here is a video I made, hopefully the first of many, spotlighting a cool feature about the trailers I carry, or little facts or tidbits I find interested while I am working.  This one has to do with disconnecting your battery during storage.  Any time you leave your trailer, there is a draw on the […]

cracked tires

How Long Do Trailer Tires Last?

No matter is you have a travel trailer, 5th wheel or pop up camper, spring is a really great time to go over everything on the trailer and do a thorough cleaning and checking of all the appliances.  One of the most overlooked components of your trailer are the tires. Hardly a week goes by […]


Water Heater Maintenance Video Tutorial

Maintaining your water heater is very important to making it last for a long time.  Water heaters should always be drained when not in use, and and cleaning it out will help keep your plumbing clean, and prevent both mechanical and health related problems.  Check out this helpful tutorial about cleaning out your water heater.

Bad Caulking

Touching Up Caulking With Dicor Video Tutorial From Rv Education 101

Touching up your caulking is a lot more common that starting fresh or peeling all of the old stuff off.  Here is a video about how to go about it, again, brought to us by RV Education 101 and Mark Polk.  I tell you, check these guys out, they have a lot of great RV […]

How Do You De-Winterize A Trailer?

With the coming of the warm weather, our thoughts inevitably turn to the camping season.  With that time of year, we all need to perform the task known simply as “DE-WINTERIZING”.  This mysterious term means different things to different people.  Usually it refers to just flushing out the water system of antifreeze from the fall, […]


Air Conditioning Maintenance Video

I have found this video useful, and I think its a lot of good advice.  Please remember to take the time to check out your A/C.  A little time cleaning can save you lots of time and money in repairs.  

create a breeze fantastic fan

Spring Cleaning your Trailer’s Fantastic Fan Video Tutorial by the RVGeeks

Spring is a great time to really clean your trailer thoroughly.  Here is a video I found from the RV Geeks on Youtube that does a great job of going step by step through cleaning one of the most easily forgotten things.

Rv Education 101 Tire Video

Travel Trailer Tire Mainenance Video

Trailer tires are an often overlooked thing.  They are also one of the most important items.  Having a blowout with a trailer tire can not only be irritating, and dangerous to change on the side of the highway, but a blowout can lead to a lot of damage and that means a lot of money […]

marks rv garage equalizer

Installation of Equal-i-zer Hitch Video Tutorial By Mark Polk

This Video is another from our good buddy Marc Polk of RV Education 101.  For those who don’t know who he is, he has been producing educational and training videos for the RV consumer for years, covering everything from winterizing your trailer, to how to tow a travel trailer, to how to hitch up a […]

Rv Dump Video Tutorial…Sort of

While playing around on Youtube a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Official Jeff Daniels Youtube Channel.  For those of you who don’t know, Jeff Daniels is a multi-talented entertainer, with Major movies such as Dumb and Dumber and RV, and has released a couple of albums (very good ones).  He is also an […]


RV Slide Out Maintenance Video

Most travel trailers and fifth wheels being produced today have some sort of slide out.  Some are small wardrobe-only slide, and some are the “Super Slides” that run a significant length of the side of the trailer.  In all of these cases, some sort of maintenance will be involved.  Here is a short little video […]

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