Meet Our Friends at Case Plastics!

Case Plastic Baits are Available at Westland Camping Center

Case Plastic Baits are Available at Westland Camping Center

Westland Camping is proud to offer Case Plastics baits as part of our fishing and tackle department.  Though not the biggest name in the industry, they show innovation, creativity, and a sense of humor that we find refreshing. Through our close relationship with Case, we have access to their entire calalog of products which include the original “Wacky-o Tool”, Zipper Worms and a ridiculous assortment of shads, worms, creatures and more.

Here is a little introduction to the company from their webpage:

For almost twenty years now, Fishing Complete Inc., owner of Case Plastics, Zipper Worm Company and The O-Wacky Tool, has worked hard to have all of your fishing needs in one place and truly be “Fishing Complete”.

We offer two very distinct but equally high performing lines of soft plastic baits. Whether you are casting for the smallie along the riverbank or trolling the lake looking for the big one, we have the bait for you. Both the Case Plastics and Zipper Worm Company lines complement each other by offering a wide array of color and bait selection to meet any fisherman’s needs. Whether you are wacky fishing, drop shotting or flipping, we have something guaranteed to lure in your money fish!

We are well recognized as the “Home of the O-Wacky Tool” and no tackle box should be without it. This tool allows you to use the same bait over and over, saving you time and money.

We are proud to manufacture, package and sell from the USA. We use the finest quality plastic formula and the most attractive color selection to ensure your satisfaction and success.

We have built our reputation on our tournament winning products, outstanding customer service (which includes lightning fast order processing) and our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Happy fishing………..we guarantee it.

Last week, at the Ultimate Fishing and Outdoor Show in Novi we shared a booth with the fine folks from Case Plastics, and they were great to work with.  Their knowledge and selection were a big hit with customers and vendors alike.  They were more interested in helping people than with just selling their product, and were often found in other parts of our booth showing customers lures and products that would help them, whether it was one of theirs or not.

Thank you to Jim, and to all the guys (and Girls) from Case Plastics for all of their help, and we look forward to carrying your products for a long time.

Old Town Kayaks at Westland Camping Center

Old Town Vapor

Old Town Vapor

Old Town Kayaks

User-friendly, extremely stable, and easy to maneuver, Old Town Kayaks are designed for those who would rather spend time enjoying themselves than learning to paddle through whitewater. These kayaks are perfect for all the lakes (Great and small), ponds and rivers that are so plentiful Michigan. Continue reading

Which Kayak is Right for You?

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Which Kayak is Right for You?

Recreational Kayaking is the FASTEST GROWING SPORT in America, and Westland Camping can set you up with everything you need to get started with this exciting sport – from Kayaks by Old Town and Ocean to PFD’s and dry bags.

Why buy a kayak? In a word, VERSATILITY! It offers opportunity for the MOST and LEAST adventurous, the MOST and LEAST experienced, and the MOST and LEAST skilled. AND it can be done anywhere there’s water, by children to seniors, with only a one-time investment. Continue reading

Westland Camping Fishing Stories: Harsens Island Big Pike Hunt

33" Pike, caught on a 15' Ocean Kayak Prowler

33" Pike, caught on a 15' Ocean Kayak Prowler

I headed out to Harsens Island for some pike fishing this past April,with about 35 of my closest kayak fishing buddies for a multi-day fishing tournament.

Harsens Island is a perfect location for pike due to lots of shallow weeds for spawning, and dramatic drop offs for hunting pike.  It was a little early for spawning this year, so we trolled from our kayaks over 15 foot depths.  Most people had success with rapala  size 11, in fire tiger, but most of the fish I caught were on X-raps, size 14, in hothead or glass ghost.  I felt that size 14 might be too big, but hey, go big or go home right?  Caught lots of hammer handles (23-29 inch pike) on that size, so I kept with it for the first two days.

Saturday was the big fishing tournament, and that’s when I broke out my secret weapon, the River2sea V-joint, a fantastic jointed lure with excellent color choices. With $100 for the first place fish, plus bragging rights, I thought I might use something that the pike haven’t seen yet.  We hit the water at about 9:00 Saturday morning, and it started out slow.  I cruised up the middle channel, without so much as a nibble for about an hour.  So I decided to change tactics a bit.

One river mouth in particular had been producing good sized pike, so I beached the kayak, and started casting from knee deep water to the drop off at the mouth.  Still nothing, except very cold feet.  That’s when I decided that today’s biggest fish probably wouldn’t be very big at all.  I thought that I would have a good chance of winning if I caught any fish.  So back into the kayak to troll a bit more, and cover as many inlet mouths as I could. I also switched out the running depth of the lures from 5 or 6 feet, to 3 foot, and kept the kayak tighter to shore, in about 8 or 10 feet of depth.

As it turned out, that was the winning strategy.  I hooked into a 33” pike, and she dragged me into some shallows, managed to rap the second line I had out around the kayak.  After I landed her, I had to get out of the kayak and unravel the mess she had made during the battle.  After a couple of photo ops, I headed back to base camp to break the bad news to everyone.  It turned out up until I showed up with 5 hours to go in the tournament, the largest was 29”.  The angler who had that fish gave me a dirty look, put his dry suit back on, and headed back out to try and top me.  No dice, and I walked away with the kitty, and a year’s worth of bragging rights.

Westland Camping Kayak Review: Ocean Kayak Prowler 13T

Prowler 13T from Westland Camping

Prowler 13T from Westland Camping

The Prowler 13T sit on top kayak has hit the perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, performance and stability. This kayak performs well in almost any water application but you’ll notice the superb performance in breaking surf and rough seas.


The great Part of sit on top kayaks is the stability you get naturally due to it’s design.  It works great on any of your Michigan waters, and is so versatile, that you can fish, surf, paddle, explore, and camp right off the boat.

I like this boat so much, I bought one for each myself and my wife, and the cargo hold even sits my 5 yr old daughter perfectly.  I think you will be happy with this boat on any waterway in the midwest.

Westland Camping Featured in the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping featured by Erik Sharp and the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping featured by Erik Sharp and the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping was featured in an article and video posted by their acclaimed outdoor columnist Erik Sharp.  He visited our booth at the show on Saturday, and the article ran in the Sunday edition.

Also Featured, our friend from the Michigan Kayak Fishing Club, Lucian Gizel.


The article (and video) featured a look at our Ocean Kayak angler edition boats, and on the Bitin’ Titan Lures, also available from Westland Camping.



Westland Camping is Proud to Support Michigan Kayak Fishing Club

Westland Camping Supports the MIchigan Kayak Fishing Club

Westland Camping Supports the MIchigan Kayak Fishing Club

This is right from the Michigan Kayak Fishing website:

“To all our fellow Great Lakes kayak anglers, we want to share information that will help you plan your next kayak fishing adventure. Bringing together others with the same interest in this great sport. For those who seek the greater challenge of endurance, skill and of course luck.

This site is an on going collection of useful information on the sport. Such as launch sites, fishing reports, upcoming trips, lake data, Kayak Fishing gear, etc… Feel free to explore…And Good Luck Yak Fishing!”

They offer tips, tricks, a calender of events, and a link to their forum, where you can get in on all the conversations!  You can also check them out on Facebook.

If you want to start joining the fun in person, and you need a new boat, or just a tune-up on your old boat, then call us at 877-533-6623!  or Email Kevin, at



Westland Camping will be at the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping and the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping and the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping is announcing a new event for January: the Ultimate Fishing Show!  The event is being held once again at the Suburban Collection Showplace, January 12th-15th.

We will be on hand talking to folks about Old Town and Ocean Kayaks, TFO fly rods, Lake Fork Tackle, and just getting out and enjoying what nature has to offer.  We love doing this show, it is always a great time.


Temple Fork Outfitters Meets Westland Camping

I’m going to introduce all of you to Temple Fork Outfitters, and their exclusive line of Gary Loomis rods.  TFO are bringing high performance to a market that never was able to spend $400 on a fishing pole.  Here is the Gary Loomis/Temple Fork story:

I don’t know how many people are aware of Gary Loomis, but he has a very interesting story.  Gary Loomis started G. Loomis fishing poles almost 30 years ago, and quickly attracted the attention of a lot of discerning anglers.  He was a pioneer in the evolution of the carbon fiber rod, and using state of the art technology and engineering, he basically defined the high performance rod.

After retiring and selling G. Loomis Rods, Gary focused his energies on helping to protect the fisheries of the Pacific Northwest, establishing Fish First, and the Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest.

Now, after years away from the industry, he still wanted to build the best rods available.  So he partnered up with Temple Fork Outfitters to share his skills and knowledge of materials and design to create a new line of high performance rods.

Working with TFO allows me to put high-quality rods in the hands of potential anglers that otherwise would not have access to this kind of gear. It is these new anglers that, through their enjoyment of the sport, will help us protect our threatened fisheries.~ Gary Loomis

TFO offers a lifetime warranty, great performance, and for a quarter of the price of other high performance G. Loomis rods.  And now, Westland Camping has them.  We offer conventional rods, as well as fly rods for those fly fisherman out here.  If you are serious about your gear, and want the best, come on in a talk to us, if you just have a few questions, email me at

Lake Fork Tackle Hits the Midwest, and Westland Camping

This week’s article is geared toward the anglers.   I have always been frustrated to go into the Big Box stores and not be able to find exactly what I want because they do a massive order early on, and then don’t re-order until next year, or that they don’t stock the item I want, and won’t special order it, because the minimum orders are far too large to bother with my “liddle-ole’ order”.  So, I did the next best thing.  I started carrying it in my store.

I want to introduce you to a particular brand of tackle that I am very impressed with: Lake Fork tackle. Although Lake Fork tackle has been around awhile, it is a relatively unknown commodity in the Great Lake states.

Their designs definitely caught my interest.  Their wacky worm is segmented with small buoyant beads on the ends of the worm.  That design combined with the weighted rings made to fit the body of the lure, produces an irresistible action that seemed to drive bass crazy (in a good way).

After a tip from a customer, I called Lake Fork and asked if we could try their stuff out.  After a dose of southern hospitality (they are out of Texas), they sent me a bag of plastic swim lures, and a unique wacky rig system that they have developed.  The package arrived just in time for a bass fishing trip I had planned to some local lakes.

Before I tried their tackle, you couldn’t pry Yamamoto bait out of my cold dead hand.

Another original idea from the Lake Fork folk (and the lure I am most excited about), is the Hyper Worm and other assorted creatures.  They have a unique oversized paddle as the tail as opposed to the curly-q of most other lures which helps the lure “swim” with a natural motion which creates a visual queue to strike.  The paddle on the Hyper Worm achieves this, but also creates a large amount of vibration.  These pressure waves stimulate the lateral line of the fish, signaling a secondary enticement to attack.  The bait is also infused with garlic and salt scent, therefore stimulating three of the senses that tell a fish to strike.



By casting next to a weed bed, and retrieving along in the open water next to the cover, I have been getting more and increased violence, in the strikes.  I have also noticed fish coming from further away to investigate the lure.  I surmise that instead of relying on the bass to be within sight of the lure, that the increased vibration is being sensed, and drawing fish from further away.  This action is more of a natural “sound”, and instead of annoying the fish into a strike, it is mimicking the action of wounded bait, where the more natural action of the Hyper Worm attracts far more reliably.

Lake Fork also makes lizards, and crayfish shapes with the enlarged paddle, and seem to work just as well.

For a lure that was designed in Texas and very popular in the south, this product has all the promise to be extremely successful in Michigan.  If you would like more information on Lake Fork, just give us a call!

Kayak Season is Coming, Are you Ready?

February is normally a sad time for a camper.  Snow, sleet, rain, and severe cabin fever is running rampant.  But it is so tantalizingly close to Spring, that you need to be prepared.  Here at Westland Camping, we have been talking to people on the phone about kayaks since January.

Now is the best time to start looking at where you plan on going this season, and what you want to do while you are at it.  Getting a fishing rod holder installed right now in preparation for early spring fishing is a good idea, because we are a little slower than we are in June.

February is also a good time to review your safety equipment, such as your PFD, or paddle leash.  if these things aren’t up to snuff, then you have plenty of time to get replacements.  Another handy item is a water bottle leash.  This is a very handy product for under $10, that holds a standard water bottle attached to your boat securely.

It may also be time to upgrade your seat.  I know from personal experiance, that it’s tough to remember this one until you are an hour into your trip, and you have another three ahead of you.  Our kayak department can help you with all of these things, and give you helpful tips about how to store these items, and more.  Come see us today!