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Case Plastic Baits are Available at Westland Camping Center

Meet Our Friends at Case Plastics!

Westland Camping is proud to offer Case Plastics baits as part of our fishing and tackle department.  Though not the biggest name in the industry, they show innovation, creativity, and a sense of humor that we find refreshing. Through our close relationship with Case, we have access to their entire calalog of products which include […]

Old Town Vapor

Old Town Kayaks at Westland Camping Center

Old Town Kayaks User-friendly, extremely stable, and easy to maneuver, Old Town Kayaks are designed for those who would rather spend time enjoying themselves than learning to paddle through whitewater. These kayaks are perfect for all the lakes (Great and small), ponds and rivers that are so plentiful Michigan.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Which Kayak is Right for You?

Which Kayak is Right for You? Recreational Kayaking is the FASTEST GROWING SPORT in America, and Westland Camping can set you up with everything you need to get started with this exciting sport – from Kayaks by Old Town and Ocean to PFD’s and dry bags. Why buy a kayak? In a word, VERSATILITY! It offers opportunity for the […]


Westland Camping Fishing Stories: Harsens Island Big Pike Hunt

I headed out to Harsens Island for some pike fishing this past April,with about 35 of my closest kayak fishing buddies for a multi-day fishing tournament. Harsens Island is a perfect location for pike due to lots of shallow weeds for spawning, and dramatic drop offs for hunting pike.  It was a little early for […]

Prowler 13T from Westland Camping

Westland Camping Kayak Review: Ocean Kayak Prowler 13T

The Prowler 13T sit on top kayak has hit the perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, performance and stability. This kayak performs well in almost any water application but you’ll notice the superb performance in breaking surf and rough seas.   The great Part of sit on top kayaks is the stability you get naturally due […]

Westland Camping featured by Erik Sharp and the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping Featured in the Detroit Free Press

Westland Camping was featured in an article and video posted by their acclaimed outdoor columnist Erik Sharp.  He visited our booth at the show on Saturday, and the article ran in the Sunday edition. Also Featured, our friend from the Michigan Kayak Fishing Club, Lucian Gizel.   The article (and video) featured a look at […]

Westland Camping Supports the MIchigan Kayak Fishing Club

Westland Camping is Proud to Support Michigan Kayak Fishing Club

This is right from the Michigan Kayak Fishing website: “To all our fellow Great Lakes kayak anglers, we want to share information that will help you plan your next kayak fishing adventure. Bringing together others with the same interest in this great sport. For those who seek the greater challenge of endurance, skill and of […]

Westland Camping Presents Lucian Gizel

Michigan Kayak Fishing starring Lucian! This week: Steelhead

Here is an Awesome video of our friend Lucian Gizel, who is one of the founders of the Michigan Kayak Fishing Club.  He is a great help to all those who have questions about fishing from their kayaks.   If you have questions, We at Westland Camping have answers, and if we don’t know, we’ll […]

Westland Camping and the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping will be at the Ultimate Fishing Show

Westland Camping is announcing a new event for January: the Ultimate Fishing Show!  The event is being held once again at the Suburban Collection Showplace, January 12th-15th. We will be on hand talking to folks about Old Town and Ocean Kayaks, TFO fly rods, Lake Fork Tackle, and just getting out and enjoying what nature […]

Temple Fork Outfitters at Westland Camping

Temple Fork Outfitters Meets Westland Camping

I’m going to introduce all of you to Temple Fork Outfitters, and their exclusive line of Gary Loomis rods.  TFO are bringing high performance to a market that never was able to spend $400 on a fishing pole.  Here is the Gary Loomis/Temple Fork story: I don’t know how many people are aware of Gary Loomis, but […]

Lake Fork Tackle Hits the Midwest, and Westland Camping

This week’s article is geared toward the anglers.   I have always been frustrated to go into the Big Box stores and not be able to find exactly what I want because they do a massive order early on, and then don’t re-order until next year, or that they don’t stock the item I want, and […]

Kayak Season is Coming, Are you Ready?

February is normally a sad time for a camper.  Snow, sleet, rain, and severe cabin fever is running rampant.  But it is so tantalizingly close to Spring, that you need to be prepared.  Here at Westland Camping, we have been talking to people on the phone about kayaks since January. Now is the best time to start […]

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